The Dragon’s boycott means boycott our nabouring country that is china.Boycotting dragon is very important and very necessary thing to be done by Indians .Dragon’s is exporting 68 billion US dollars .where as india does export of only 19 billion US dollars to dragon .we are very much addicted to Chinese product .Dragon exports to India every thing starting from toy to trains. From mobiles to mugs and what not.Dragon is concurring some parts of india and not only india but dragon has concured lands of 16 country’s .Dragon is adopting the same policy that east india company has adopted while capturing  india.

Dragon is trying to conqure the india and in this part of success.dragon has taken some parts of Kashmir.Boycott of dragon can be done by uninstalling softwares in week,finished goods in a year and raw goods in two or three year.Boycott of dragon will helps in creating new market In india and we will steped towards creating” aatmanirbar bharat “and initiative by government to create india a self reliant country.

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