Ganga :-The India’s beauty

I am the shark among the fishes, and the Gangas among the rivers:-Krishna in Bhagavadgita

River Ganga with its source in the mighty Himalayan mountains is considered to be the most sacred river by Hindus.

It is said that a single dip in the waters of this holy river will wash away all the sins of a person

River Ganga in kashi

The last rites of the thousands of Hindus are performed at the numerous ghats along the shores of Ganga at the holy sites like Kashi, Varanasi etc.

Manikarnika ghat, varanasi


1)Antibacterial Nature of Gangas Water

Ganga has antibacterial nature which destroys bacteria and other deciese causing micro organsiam itself . And this antibodies are non harmfull to human .

2)Ganga has Anti-purefication properties

Ganga has a anti purefication properties which make a difference. Ganga water has a property of getting self purefied. It remains fresh for a long time whereas other river water begins to putrefy over a period of time due to lack of oxygen which promotes the growth of anaerobic bacteria

3) property of holding dissolved oxygen

Ganga has a remarkable ability to hold on dissolved oxygen from the atmosphere!

4)Ganga cleans the dead bodies

In 1927, Flix dHerelle , a French microbiologist, was amazed when he saw that only a few feet below the bodies of persons floating in the Ganga who had died of dysentery and cholera, where one would expect millions of germs, there were no germs at all.

Hindus believe that Ganga purifies the dead bodies, which is why probably the bodies of even those who died of infectious diseases were offered to this river for purification

Thus Ganga is the real beauty of india .Ganga is the holy river of india . And indias lifeline was dependent on this river GANGA.

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