Palitana :-city of temple

India is a country rooted in faith and religion. India is country were one can see beauty of India from vaishno devi in Kashmir to rameshwaram in kanyakumari .Palitana is one of this. Palitana is located in gujrat which is the most scared pilgrimage site for Jain’s. Shetrunjaya are hills located by the city of Palitana.

Every devout Jain aspires to climb to the top of the mountain at least once in his lifetime, because of its sanctity.

This is the only Mountain in the world with 900 temples on it


Palitana is same for Jain’s that makka is for muslim or Vatican for christians .palitana has a scared hill call shatrunjay. It is situated at the river banks of shatrunjay river.


The main idol at Palitana was of lord adinath which is the first god of Jain’s

Lord adinath or dada adinath

Other major idol

It has more then 8000 idols which starts from small idol that can be hold in just palm to an 108 feet idol of adinath. It has idol dated 2000 year old to some idols made of gold and other precious marbles .

108 feet idol, Palitana



Palitana is well known for its temples and also called as city of temples . It has 2000+ temples on hill and nearby. The cluster of temple attracted millions of pilgrimage from all over the world.

Cluster of temple on hill

2) 1st vegetarian city of world

Palitana is world’s first vegitarian city with no non veg and alcohol is legally aloud in the city. This ban on non veg and alcohol was applied when 1000’s of jain monks goes on hunger strike for time untill ban was applied they are ready to die if no ban was applied.

3) Size of hill

The shatrunjay hill size decrease by the time . As the size of hill decrease Till know there were 5 taleti were made . Taleti also known as foot hill as shatrunjay is decresing taleti or foothill changes with time

Taleti or latest foothill

4) Architectural beauty

Palitana has some architectural beauty in its temples and domes which attracts architects from all over the world. It has temples dated 11 A.D and idols that are 2000 years old.

Palitana is the heaven for Jain’s . Millions of people visited this city and for Jain’s it is the direct way to heaven . Here lakhs of sadhu and shadhvi or monks has got moksh from here and even today also many monks gets moksh from here.

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