Dwarka was India’s one of char dham and Dwarka is a sapta puri or the seven most holy destinations of Hinduism . Dwarka a city in gujrat dedicated to krishna . Dwarka also known as kingdom of krishna . Dwarka was said that it is the city made of gold . Dwarka was made by the devas arcitechure Vishwakarma.

Dwarka is not a city or a destination but it is the kingdom of krishna . Krishna ruled the Dwarka for many years . Dwarka was sink in water at end . And Dwarka was still there in arebian sea.


Dwarka has a mythological stories related to Dwarka is very intresting . Krishna was not born in Dwarka nor has any connection with Dwarka in its early life . But then after a continuous attack on mathura krishna decide to leave mathura and walk towards Gujarat and then decide to set its kingdom in Dwarka. To create Dwarka krishna invite devas arcitechure Vishwakarma and Dwarka was created as a golden City.


Dwarka ruins and got destroyed as it submurged in sea . Dwarka got destroyed but krishna leaved the Dwarka before it’s ruins. Ruins of dwarka was related to Mahabharata . Ghandhari gives krishna a CURSE or shrap that his kingdom will also get destroyed same as I lost my son’s .

Dwarka was still there in Arabic sea and arcyological of india in finding it in Arabic sea from a decade after getting some sculptures related to that period

Sculptures related to Dwarka in arebic sea


Dwarka has thousands of temple with its main temple dedicated to dwarkadhish . Dwarka was said that it is run by dwarkadhish or krishna . Today also when dwarkadhish sleeps in evening most of dwarka also stops working at evening

Idol of dwarkadhish

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