India the second most populated country and worlds most strongest democracy. And with India conduct history’s biggest election . India in 2019 conduct the election for Prime Minister and members of parliaments .

India has conducted its 17’th election this year. In India election was conducted by Election Commision of India. Election Commission was founded in year 1950. The were 542 seats that were divided in India. Election in India was conducted in 7 phases.

India has over 250 political parties with 7 national parties and over 8,000 leaders has contested this election. India has one constituency in which over 180 candidates has contested. And that constituency is nizamuddin.

People in India conduct votes through the voting machines and can get verify by VVPAT. India has this year received 60 crores vote to different parties.

In India election Commission has proved that every voter is important as that try to reach every singal voter and for that they has create a booth even in forests of gir for single voter. This has proved that every voter is important.

One voter of gir

One booth was created in Himalayan park where member of election helding committee has to walk for 20km as no road was there and it is for only 28 voters.

Election workers in India traveled 300 miles over four days across winding mountain roads and river valleys on behalf of a single voter. Malogam is a remote hamlet in forested mountains in Arunachal Pradesh, near the border with China for one voter

In India while election over 1 crore people’s from different fields like teachers, police were appointed to conduct the election and to protect the booth from false voting and booth capturing


1) 90 crore :- India has world’s largest number of registared voters . Which is equal to population of whole Europe and America combinedly.

2) 60,000 crore :- India party and election commission spend to conduct election which is something very big figure

3) 39000 sq. km :- The area of conducting election is 39,000 sq. Km which includes 22 states, 7 union territory.

4) 2 km :- Average distance between booth and voter

In India even the ink which was applied after voting has a story The ink which was applied while voting in election is not an ordinary ink it was a ink whose formula was secret and it was manufactured in mysore paper. The ink which is used during election is not only used in India but also in many other countries during election.

In India after election the votes were not even count by machines or any technology but by hands and the team count it in a half day only. Counting was done in different rounds

And thus in India election was the biggest election in history conduct in 2019 and it was not thus not just a election but it is the festival.

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      1. I was just referring to the general way the system is conducted. I didn’t say Turkey is great and i was just referring to a commonality between two different nations. But I don’t think you need to see others as smaller to see another one bigger. It is hurtful.

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